Welcome to Our Church

Our Mission is be a Community where people can experience the Kingdom of God promised by the Creator of all things through the power of the Spirit of the Risen Christ.

We seek to be a community being transformed by the love of God made known in Jesus Christ, nurtured through scripture, prayer, song, care for one another, reaching out to the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick, and the imprisoned, joining in the worship of heaven, and witnessing to the love of God wherever in through whomever the Spirit of Jesus Christ appears to be at work.


The mission of the Church is to bring us into spiritual practices that shape us into a people of discernment, courage, and perseverance. …[ learn more ]


Our Sunday School uses an exciting and educational program called “Weaving God’s Promises”. The lessons mirror the…[learn more]


The people of the Church of the Resurrection are deeply involved in a dazzling array of Outreach Activities. …[learn more]

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Join Us for Worship

Sunday Holy Eucharist
8:00 AM & 10:00 AM

15319 E. 8th Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99037
(509) 926-6450

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Recent Updates

Sunday Servers Time and Talent

Resurrection is always looking for new people to serve on Sundays. If you are interested in being trained for one of the following positions please contact Linda Bordwell at 466-6631.  Eucharistic ....[continued]

Hearth Homes

The Daughters of the King would like to fill the pantry at Hearth Homes. Please bring in your donations of non-parishable goods on or before September 14th. On September 14th ....[continued]

Little House Blessing

On September 13th, at 2pm, we invite you to attend a house blessing for Bob and Carol Little at their new ....[continued]

Clothes for the Cause Drive

Clothes for the Cause is a company that helps groups turn unwanted  textiles into cash by collecting them so they can reworn, reused or recycled both here in the US ....[continued]

Our Community Garden Easter and the Resurrection

So what is the connection between gardening, Easter and the Resurrection?  We know God was the first community gardener. “Then the Lord God placed the man in the Garden of ....[continued]

Youth Group at Resurrection

With summer coming up, we have lots of summer youth group ideas: Silverwood, Triple Play, Splashdown, and many more. There is a large poster on the youth board where youth ....[continued]